Empower recognise that businesses want to support their staff wellbeing but equally need to keep costs for this within budgets. Therefore, we provide cost effective and tailor-made solutions. For your business wellbeing needs, packages can include:

● Workshops
● Group Support
● Management Support for Groups or Individuals
● Reflective Practice or Clinical Supervision Groups

Empower offer a range of workshops to support your staff with specific issues. These include but are not limited to: Managing Change, Stress Management, Coping with Anxiety, Resilience, Working as part of a Team, Supporting Distressed Employees/Colleagues and Self-Care. If your employees require support around a particular area not listed here, we can tailor a bespoke session to meet your specifications.

Group Support

Group Support session with a therapist to help then process and cope with the situation they are currently in. Group support has been beneficial for employees experiencing the impact of issues such as restructure, team bereavement and team dynamics or relationships.

Counselling/Psychotherapy can support your employees as a preventative measure in building and maintaining resilience during times of difficulty. We can offer bespoke packages of short-term counselling for your staff. This is usually 6-8 sessions but can be negotiated dependant on your business requirement.
In 2018, we completed a workplace survey where 92% of employees that had accessed counselling stated that they would have taken time off work sick if they had not has this support.

Management Support for Groups or Individuals
Empower Therapies provide consultation support for individual managers or groups of managers who are experiencing specific challenges in their teams. These are usually one off sessions arranged when the need arises. Therapists can provide advice and information around supporting team members, effective communication, building team relationships, signposting to appropriate services and enhancing their network of support. These sessions can be face to face or over the telephone.

Reflective Practice or Clinical Supervision Groups
Clinical Supervision or Reflective Practice Sessions are a form of support where workers can focus on difficulties through reflective practice, which forms part of their learning and development.

Empower Therapies provide regular sessions with a qualified Clinical Supervisor for small staff groups or individuals if required. Sessions are tailored to the changing needs of the group. The sessions provide a confidential space for openness, honesty and respect, where staff can share best practice, develop active listening, access emotional support, improve team dynamics and learn.
In these sessions, staff are encouraged to find effective ways of working, taking into consideration the personal experiences which impact on feelings and behaviour. Through exploration of emotional reactions to trauma, the sessions support staff members to build on their resilience and this can reduce burn out, staff illness and conflict. Clinical Supervision/Reflective Practice can help develop a deeper understanding between colleagues of each other’s needs for support.

For your corporate needs, Empower Therapies can provide bespoke packages to suit. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can provide you with a quotation.