Empower offers a range of services to support professionals in their day to day role. These services include:

Clinical Supervision
Clinical Supervision or Reflective Practice Sessions are a form of support where workers can focus on difficulties through reflective practice, which forms part of their learning and development.

Empower Therapies provide regular sessions with a qualified Clinical Supervisor for small groups or individuals if required. Sessions are tailored to the changing needs of the group. The sessions provide a confidential space for openness, honesty and respect, where staff can share best practice, develop active listening, access emotional support, improve team dynamics and learn.

In these sessions, practitioners are encouraged to find effective ways of working, taking into consideration the personal experiences which impact on feelings and behaviour. Through exploration of emotional reactions to trauma, the sessions can support you to build your resilience. This can reduce burn out, illness and conflict.
Practitioners not only have an ethical responsibility to have regular clinical supervision, but it is usually a requirement for membership and accreditation from professional bodies such as the BACP and UKCP.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
CPD is the process of developing skills, experience and knowledge in a profession beyond any initial training. CPD allows professionals to gain useful insight and deepen their professional expertise. It can also enhance employability prospects.

CPD is usually a requirement for membership and accreditation from professional bodies such as the BACP and UKCP.
Empower provide a range of courses and workshops covering a variety of topics. Therapists and other professionals within the helping professions can attend these to meet their CPD requirements.

Empower are currently in the process of launching a number of courses. Please keep checking this page for updates. Alternatively, if you would like to be updated about future courses, please register your interest here and we will contact you when courses become available.

Peer Support
Psychotherapy and Counselling can sometimes feel isolating. Empower offer therapists and those in helping professions the opportunity to meet with other professionals in a supportive environment. Peer support can provide support and suggestions and the opportunity to share best practices. Please contact us for further details.